Jalapeño Ranch Dip

What the what?!  No cookies?!

No, no sugary treats today.  This is my first savory post.  And I have to admit, it feels slightly weird.

If you read this post, then you may already know that I resolved to share some delicious savory recipes that I love.  In most cases you will always see sweet goodness, but here and there these recipes will pop up.

Onward to the good stuff...

I guess there's not much that I don't love to eat.  But what I really love is chips and dip.  Particularly the dip part.  I am not a light dipper.  In fact, I'm a scooper.  I love to get as much as I can on my chip/cracker/bread.

This Jalapeño Ranch Dip has more of a dressing consistency.  So just coat your chip.  Coat it good.  But since this is a lot like dressing, it is very versatile.  We made up some tacos and drizzled this "dip" in there.  It would be perfect on a Southwest-style salad.  The possibilities are endless.

A better way to look at it?  It's like a kicked up replacement for regular Ranch dressing.  Now, who doesn't love Ranch?  I dip pizza in it.  Don't judge.

Jalapeño Ranch Dip
adapted from Heritage Schoolhouse

Cookie Mama's Notes:

*Unless you're feeding a large crowd, I would halve this recipe.
*You could always make this "Light" by subbing the lower-fat versions of Mayo, Sour Cream and Buttermilk
*Pickled jalapeños can normally be found in either the pickle aisle or with the Mexican food.  You can also get them in "No Heat" style, but that's no fun!
*Tomatillo (green) salsa can be found with the other salsas.

- 8 oz. mayonaise
- 24 oz. sour cream
- 1 c. buttermilk
- 1 c. tomatillo salsa
- 1 handful cilantro (give or take to your liking)
- 3 packets of dry Ranch Dressing mix
- 1/2 c. pickled jalapeños

 Add all ingredients to your food processor and blend until smooth and creamy.

That's it!  I stored mine in some Ball jars and divided it up between friends and neighbors.  I kept enough for myself of course!


  1. I am definitely going to make this! I want to dip bell pepper strips in it and call it a healthy snack! ;-) Yum! -BJ

  2. Dipping veggies in Ranch is the ONLY way to eat veggies! ;)

  3. I prefer to dip my veggies too. I am going to give this a try. Thanks for the recipe.