I'm Coming Back...

And hopefully it's with a VENGEANCE!  Kids permitting.  Wallet permitting.  Hey, I'm keeping it real.  See, I follow a zillion, yes, a zillion blogs.  I don't know how these women do it!  Not only are some moms, but they hold down 9-5 jobs.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  I'm sure they have it all organized and planned better, maybe some tricks of the trade they've learned over time, but either way, I'm jealous.  If you want to see who I visit regularly and looooove, just look over to the right.                                ======>

Also, maybe my jump back into the blogging waters is premature because the dear husband thought he'd sell my camera.  "Honey!  Honey.  You don't need it, you have the camera on your phone!"  Uh-huh.  I think he was swallowing those words when he tried to take a picture of our one-year old.  I guess we can interpret the blurred picture of our son as "artistic".  So until I figure out the camera thing, you may get crayon sketches of what I bake.  Hmm.  Guess you should just tune in to see what I can manage in the mean time.

Stick around for some Key Lime Bars.  They're coming.


  1. Keep the camera. Besides baking, photography is also one of your passions.

  2. welcome back! been thinking about you...hope you are doing well. it's nice to think of you back in the kitchen :-) key lime sounds yummy!!