Superfine Tip of the Week

Superfine sugar. Until recently, I was starting to believe this product was a myth. I've hunted for it in local grocery stores. Dreamed of using it in meringues. Beautiful meringues. I was giving up hope of ever finding it, and then I took a trip to Jungle Jim's. If you haven't been to this super-awesome mega store, then you must make the trek to Cincinnati-it's fun and worth it! I was in the aisle with flavorings and baking spices (I believe between India and England-go and you'll understand) and was scanning the shelves when I saw it...Could it be?! I noticed a sugar I had never heard of, caster sugar, but as I read on, in small print was 'Superfine Cane'. I immediately grabbed it, as if a million people were looking for the same thing and would come along and snatch it up before I could. My step-dad, Dennis, asked me what I was going to use it for and at that time I had no idea. I got the look. The look that asked, "Why on earth are you spending money on something that you have no immediate purpose of using?" But I knew I would find something. Then came the recipe for this week's cookie, White-Chocolate Whalers. After having the cookies I'm a little sad it was used for that, but I still have some leftover and there is some good news...

You don't have to make any kind of special trip to get superfine sugar! Just process your regular granulated sugar that's in your pantry for 20-30 seconds in a food processor. How easy is that?! Now remember, you cannot replace superfine sugar with powdered (confectioner's) sugar. They are not the same. Powdered sugar actually contains a small amount of cornstarch.

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